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Say that in German, please!

Foreign languages have become the door to success in the new European Union. We are living on the grounds free from boarder. Nevertheless some limits are still remaining – as far as our abilities to communicate are concerned. Nowadays we are living in one huge global community and we are obliged to be good linguists.

Foreign languages? What does it mean ‘foreign’? Only what is not understandable is foreign. In our school it is easy to overcome all difficulties in learning a foreign language. We have 20 years long experience in teaching German in Vienna. Our lecturers are qualified graduates of Austrian as well as foreign universities. Their job is their real vocation. The highest level of teaching competence is assured by their teaching methods and personalized approach to students. The students’ success is where they get their satisfaction from. At the end of the course, for their working hard, they are rewarded with sweets and flowers. That proves best.

It is obvious that abilities to communicate are important in any relationship. As Goethe said: ‘A man who does not know foreign languages is ignorant of his own.’ Not being able to attend social and cultural life of the country we live in, we lower our quality of comfortable life. We live in isolation. Vienna, as the world metropolis, has so much to offer to its both visitors and inhabitants. If a group of students wishes, it can have a walk in the city centre guided by one of our lecturers. They can visit a theatre as well.

What do you need German for? - to start a new life? - to make a successful career? - to satisfy your curiosity? According to your personal needs, we offer different programmes to choose from: - based on traditional methods (grammar), or based on communicative methods.

In Europea™ you can leave your language problem in good hands. As teachers, we do our utmost to teach German at all levels of advancement: from elementary to advanced or communication groups

Welcome to our courses!
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